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Alkitronic® Electric Compact Radial Torque Wrenches Type EFC-R

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Alkitronic Electronic Radial Torque Wrenches

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  • The electric alkitronic Radial Torque Wrenches are used to loosen or tighten bolted connections and spindles. The reaction moment is absorbed by means of a specifically designed support. This constructions guarantees bolting of up to 6000 Nm. The alkitronic Radial Torque Wrenches are continously rotating and specifically designed for applications on plate heat exchangers.

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Radial Torque WrenchesRadial Torque Wrenches

Alkitronic® - EFC/L Electric Compact Torque Wrenches

Photo Type /
ca.Nm *
Square Drive Ø mm
Ø mm
Ø mm
Idle speed
Electric radial torque wrenches

Type EFC-R

560-3780 36 mm 385 B -/100 56/56 2 13.0
560-3780 46 mm 425 188 -/112 73/73 2 15.0
560-3780 80 mm 475 230 160/130 85/85 2 22.0
Motors for all models: 110-253 Volt, Frequency 45-66 Hz, max. power 2000 Watt

* In order to be able to loosen bolts please add 20 % on top of the max. required tightening torque. Continuous operation at maximum load will activate the thermal overload protection and shut off the tool.

** Weight without torque reaction arm

Electronic radial torque wrenches

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Alkitronic - Detailed description
Blocking pin for use of the machine as rigid version (fixed joint motor/gearbox)
Locking pin for use of the machine as rigid version (fixed joint motor/gearbox)Trigger
One-handed operation, four-edge operation button for clock wise, counter clock wise, toggle start and start commands
  • Primary operation unit: on/off switch of the machine; One-handed operation: comfortable, slow right/left rotation for safe and precise positioning of the torque wrench (toggle switch) as well as for the starting of the bolt tightening process.
  • Speed, frequency and torque are correspondingly regulated and controlled. Microcontrolled monitoring combined with a processor controlled switch-off electronic guarantee a precise repeatability of the pre-set torque. Repeatable accuracy for shutoff is +/- 5% for identically soft and hard joints.
  • Integrated motor protection: for safety reasons an automatic thermal overload switch is built in as well as a permanent cooling fan that keeps running after the safety shutoff and thus provides short periods of cooling.
  • Two principles of construction within one tool:
    A = swivelling: free joint tool - the drive unit (motor) can independent of the gear box be fully rotated even when the reaction arm is already in its position
    B = Rigid: Fixed joint between motor and gear box - mechanically reversible
Electric Torque Wrench
  • Secondary operation unit - Type EFC

    : light-emitting diode displays the pre-set torque within 19 stages together with the direction of rotation


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