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EIT Torqbrain cordless torque wrenches: designed for industrial purposes feature a unique automatic shut-off mechanism offering highest accuracy, long service life, total reliability and flexibility to your bolting requirements.

Features and Benefits
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  • Higher Reliability:
  • Exceptional service life due to integrated needle bearings design in planteary gear box
  • High torque accuracy of bettern then +/-3%
  • Safety program informs about operator or tool errors
  • Comfortable operation, excellent ergonomics and low weight
  • Maintenance free, brushless EC-motor
  • Made in Germany

  • Higher productivity:
  • Flexible and mobile due to cordless system
  • Leightweight, fast, accurate and reliable
  • Eco-friendly, industrial quality Li-Ion technology with 3.0A 14.4 volt batteries for long operating cycles
  • Futuristic impulse battery charge system for fast charge within 22 Minutes and virtually no memory-effect

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Torqbrain Cordless Torque Wrenches

torcbrain cordless high torque wrenches feature an integrated shutoff mechanism and are designed for industrial applications. Featuring highest accuracy, long service life and flexibility in bolting application where air hoses or power cords are intrusive or not available. Designed to provide the user with a lightweight, fast and totally reliable torque wrench.

The low tool weights of only 2.2 to 4.1 kg (incl battery pack) makes these tools the lightest in their class, contributing to increased operator safety and comfort. The excellent torque shut-off accuracy is less then 3%, due to planetary gearbox with integrated needle bearings and a unique high precision coupling system.

A unique control system prevents the tool from operation should the battery level be to low to complete the bolting procedure - In addtion the smart electronic system includes a visual and acoustic signal should the bolting process be completed at insufficient torque levels. No more bolting errors!

Photo Type /
Nm *
Speed rpm Square
L mm
W mm
H mm
Side to centre mm Weight**
EIT Cordless Torque Wrenches
13 - 35 200 1/2" 252 57 260 21 2.2
22 - 53 138 1/2" 252 57 260 21 2.2
60 - 140 48 1/2" 272 57 252 29 3.3
90 - 220 33 1/2" 272 57 252 29 3.3
130 - 300 24 3/4" 272 57 252 29 3.3
210 - 570 12 1" 300 68 260 34 4.0
350 - 900 8 1" 300 68 260 34 4.0
EIT Cordless Torque Wrenches in a set

All EIT Torcbrain Cordless Torque wrenches come fully calibrated and complete with:

  • Torque Raction arm
  • Two 14.4 3.0A Li Ion batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Operating manual
  • Calibration chart
  • Sturdy tool box
Torque Adjustment

The torque can easily be selected by rotating sleeve to expose the torque adjustment slot. Insert the special torque adjustment tool and rotate clockwise in increase the torque or anti-clockwise to decrease the torque.

Align the marker line to the required torque setting as displayed on the chart. Test the set torque with the use of a torque testing system - click here for more information on our digital torque testing system.

Torque accuracy is +/- 3%, repeatability +/- 2%

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