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Digital Torque Testers

For testing impact wrenches, shut-off type tools, impulse tools and hand torque wrenches. Now you can measure the tool output
faster, easier and more accurately than ever. The advanced electronics of the EIT Digital Torque Testers produce direct digital
torque readings in various torque units such as Nm, ft-lb, kg-m, kg-cm etc. Measurements are consistent, repeatable and require
less time than traditional testing devices, yet with less margin for operator error.

User benefits include time savings, dependability and increased product quality. Regular tool checks with EIT Digital Torque
Testers enable you to identify whether job assembly problems are due to tools or factors such as material variability. The system
also provides a standard and consistent control factor for tool service and repair, which can be maintained across multiple work
stations or assembly points.

Features and benefits Links to other products and information

  • Complete system consisting of torque transducer, digital torque meter and management software
  • High torque accuracy of better then +/-0.3%
  • Suitable for all type of impact wrenches, impulse tools, torque
    wrenches, torque multipliers, hand torque tools, hydraulic torquewrenches etc.
  • Various models available to suit tools from 25 - 5’000 Nm
  • RS-232 connection to laptop, programmable parameters such as upper, lower limits, torque values, tool type etc. Full documentation support, all parameters and results can be saved and printed.
  • Easy to operate
Digital torque wrenches EIT

EIT Digital Torque Tester

complete with torque transducer, digital torque testing unit and analysing and documentation software. Power mode 110~240V, switchable.

Photo Type Square Drive Torque range
Nm / ft-lbs
Torque readout
1/4", 3/8" 25 -500 18 - 369 Nm, ft-lbs, cm-kg, kgf-m 110-240V
3/8", 1/2" 50 - 1000 74 - 738 Nm, ft-lbs, cm-kg, kgf-m 110-240V
1/2", 3/4" 150 - 2500 185 - 1845 Nm, ft-lbs, cm-kg, kgf-m 110-240V
EIT-DTT7 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" 250 - 5000 369 - 3690 Nm, ft-lbs, cm-kg, kgf-m 110-240V
Digital torque tester

Digital tester functions, control panel and software

• Twin display window panel - simultaneous display of torque and blow per minute
• Direct readout - digital display projects large LED numbers
• Left LED panel for actual torque values, right LED panel for display of limits set in the system
• CCW = testion of tools in either clockwise or anti-clockwise operation
• UNIT = allows selection of various torque values (Nm, ft-lb, ft-in, kgcm)
• RUN MODE = select mode for shut-off-, impulse-, clutch type-, impact type tools or manual
torque wrenches
• MODE FREQ: allows adjustment of factory set values to test the various types of tools, longer bolting cycles etc
• SET = Auto-reset function
• Display for blow per minute, especially suitable for testing impact wrenches after repairs
• Automatic torque value converions function (Nm to ft-lb etc)


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