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Pneumatic Torque Wrenches - Pneumatic Nutrunners

Features and Benefits Features and Benefits Features and Benefits

alkitronic Compact Pneumatic Torque Tool Series CL

  • For continuously rotating loosening or tightening of bolted connections.
  • Heavy-duty gear box - highly developed and proven worldwide
  • Reliable and robust pneumatic drive for extreme use.
  • CW-/CCW rotation – one-handed operation (beside CLV)
  • Optimal operation in high explosion-risk areas and in air supply networks.
  • Torque chart for setting the torque values
  • Optional: reduction of noise level through different damping system

ITH Series Compact
Air Torque Wrenches PDS and PDSW

  • 7 performance classes, from 250 – 6,000 Nm
  • Compact high-performance planetary gear increases the torque of the pneumatic motor
  • Vibration-dampened impact-proof pistol-type grip
  • Safety rotating hinge ensures optimum positioning
  • Independent of (electric) power supply
  • Flexible angle head for perfect positioning in radially confined spaces.
  • Integrated Torque 4 stage torque selector built into the housing

EIT Series HTC Air Impact Wrenches with torque control system

  • New Innovative and patented, built-in hydraulic torque control device
  • Each tool features pre-set torque settings to cover a practical torque range with an accuracy of +/- 10%
  • Torque repeatability is +/- 5%
  • Only one tool required for torque controlled tigthening and full torque when loosening bolts in reverse
  • Easy to use torque selector
  • Extremely fast operating speed due to special motor design
  • Cost effective, very affordable compared with regular torque tools

Product range overview

pneumatic compact torque wrenches
Pneumatic radial torque wrenches
Air inline torque wrenches
Pneumatic Nutrunner
EIT 2261 HTC
alkitronic CLD/L CLD CLS
Fast and economic bolting torque tool for torques from 75 up to 11900 Nm.
alkitronic RCL
Pneumatic 2-Gear Radial Torque Wrench ideal for boltings of protruding bolt ends, spindles and heat exchanger plates
alkitronic CLV
Small, compact and efficient, Pneumatic control grip for CW-/CCW rotation, Continuous operation and emergency operation
Pneumatic torque wrenches with integrated four stage torque selector
Pneumatic torque wrenches with integrated hydraulic torsion control system. Fast like a common impact wrench, good torque accuracy, integrated four stage torque selector

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