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Torque Control Impact Wrenches EIT with Hydraulic torsion control system HTC

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  • New Innovative and patented, built-in hydraulic torque control device
  • Each tool features pre-set torque settings to cover a practical torque range with an accuracy of +/- 10%
  • Torque repeatability is +/- 5%
  • Only one tool required for torque controlled tigthening and full torque when loosening bolts in reverse
  • Easy to use torque selector
  • Once torque is selected the tool will reach the required torque within seconds - but compared to regular impact wrenches the torque build-up is eliminated due to the integrated hydraulic torsion mechanism
  • Extremely fast operating speed due to special motor design
  • Cost effective, very affordable compared with regular torque tools
EIT HTC tools

Accurate, powerful, very fast, versatile and affordable

A new innovative and patented built-in hydraulic torsion control device allows these tools to be used for torque controlled tightening and high power loosening of bolt connections. Each tool has preset torque settings to cover a practical torque range with an accuracy of +/- 10% when tightenting bolts. In reverse full power is available to undo even the most stubborn bolts. Suited not only for automotive applications such as torque controlled tightening of wheel studs but also for industrial applications where high speed, accuracy and value for money is important.

EIT Air Torque Wrenches with Hydraulic Torque Control Mechanism HTC
Photo Type Square Drive Torque control range Nm Max. torque Nm Speed
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Forward Reverse
EIT-6324 HTC EIT-6324 HTC
5 - 55 Nm - infinetly variable 130 160 7'000 1.35
EIT 2213 HTC EIT-2171 HTC 3/8" 25 - 45 55 - 75 85 - 105 150 150 200 7'000 1.50
EIT-2213 HTC 1/2"
EIT 2261 HTC EIT-2261 HTC 1/2" 60 - 80 105 - 125 145 - 165 200 - 220 540 810 6'000 2.5
EIT-2364 HTC 3/4"
EIT 2447 HTC EIT-2447 HTC 1" 300 - 550 Nm - infinetly variable 1'760 2'850 3'000 13.50

How to use the tools and how to select the torque to ensure accurate bolt connections

Models EIT 2171, 2213, 2261, 2364 - preset torque settings
1. Set up the air pressure to 6.2 bar - 90 PSI
2. Set the torsion control valve to the “TORSION” position (see picture C)
3. Set the air control valve (see picture D) from No. 1, 2, 3 or 4 to select the desired torque value (see picture D)
4. Tighten the bolts, check for torque value using a torque wrench if required
5. If full torque is required set the control valve to F for forward (see picture C)
6. To loosen bolts set the control valve to R for Reverse - full torque is available in reverse

Models EIT 6324, 2447 - variable torque settings
as per instructions above, but torque value is infinetly variable by adjusting the torsion control valve as well as the air control valve to obtain a desired torque value.

Hydraulic Torsion Control Mechanism Special motor design Torsion control valve
Forward - Reverse - Torque Control
Air control valve
Level 1 to 4
a b c d
Torque Chart - illustration of torque control and comparison to standard impact wrench mechanism
HTC torque chart
Watch a Video to see them at work:


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